It’s done! „THE THRONE BELONGS TO US“ has been unleashed!
Check out the awesome Reviews here!

Merchandise Update soon!

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CD-Release soon!

Wonderful news for 2017:

Release of „The Throne Belongs To Us“ will be on March 17th via Kernkraftritter Records ! Watch this awesome lyric video for a sneak preview. Plus, we’re planning to do a lot of live shows after the release, details will be shared here and on facebook!


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Homepage online again!

Hey there,

after several month of being shut down, our homepage is back again. As the recording, mixing and mastering of our new album as well as its artwork has been finished now, we’ll overhaul this page’s content soon. Actual news and random stuff, as always, via facebook!

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Full Guitars Ahead!

Hey everyone,

the past year was unfortunately kind of relaxed – not only because of the neverending drum editing failure story and afterwards some serious guitar recording equipment problems, but also because our drummer Eggi stayed in Beijing, China for 6 month. Now, we’re finally united again – welcome back! Plus, the guitar recordings have already begun (again), and the first results are extremely brutal! Next live gigs are also being planned, so stay tuned and keep following us!

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Battleship News!

Small Update / Sign of life: Due to a massive delay with the drum editing, we’re still not finished with our next flagship album. Please be patient (we also have to be..) and keep supporting us! Much more updates and news are frequently posted on facebook – click here and follow us!

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Update: Drum Recordings In Progress

We are very happy to announce that the drum recordings for our third full-lenghts album have already begun. Sweat, sore feet&hands and muscular exhaustion for Eggi guaranteed. Want to know why? Check out our „Media“-section for some of our new songs as live versions. Click here!

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Plans for 2014!

Hey everyone,

DEVASTATOR has great plans for the upcoming year!

We’re going to record our third full-length album, which will totally kill everyone! This one will definitely set a new benchmark in terms of brutality. Prepare for extreme blast beats, groovy headbangability, morbid melodies and haunting tunes as well as Lennys insanely destructive vocal art. More info coming soon..!

In between, we’ll play as many gigs as possible to attune our faithful fans and supporters to this next baby of ours. Check out the dates!

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New Review online! just released a very nice review of our „Through Oceans Of Flesh“-CD! Thanks Guys! You’ll find it HERE as well as in our MUSIC – section.

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Shirts! Shirts! Shirts!

A wonderful new DEVASTASTOR-shirt has been released (have a look below)! The front side shows the cover of our newest release „Through Oceans Of Flesh“, the back shows an excerpt from the title songs lyrics. Can you hear Lennys brutal voice blasting the words while you read it? Like all the other merch, you can buy it at our concerts or at the shop. Likewise, our two previous shirts (the two others below) finally found their way into the shop. Support us and be proud to wear and present the banner of death metal!

cover full  10 years full  toof alt full

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Shop updated!

The shop fills up steadily. Devastators first LP „Beyond Massacre“ (2007) is now available! Pretty sure you already listened to the two songs we uploaded to our player. What else needs to be said? Visit the shop, support us and get your copy!



Langsam füllt sich unser Shop. Ab jetzt ist unser Debütalbum „Beyond Massacre“ (2007) wieder erhältlich, aus dem wir zwei Werke hochgeladen und in den Player gestellt haben. Anhören! Wer das musikalische Blut unserer Jugend geleckt hat, den Rest anhören uns gleichzeitig unterstützen möchte, kann sie hier direkt kaufen!

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CD: "The Throne Belongs To Us"