The Hamburg Death Metal Battleship Devastator was formed in 2002. The brutal dedication was first shown in the early recorded Demo 2004. In 2007 the first album „Beyond Massacre“ followed with very positive response by the press. After some line up changes, the second album „Through Oceans of Flesh“ was released in 2013. From this album the song „Scratching the Surface“ was released in the compilation of the Legacy magazine. Since then, the aim was to record an album, which will torture our anatomic boundaries the most. The idea for the album „The Throne Belongs To Us“ was born. In summer 2016 the challenging recordings were finished and the search for a suitable label began, which was finally found in Kernkraftritter Records in January 2017. Thus, the release of „The Throne Belongs To Us“ will be in March 2017, and the colossus will continue its course.

Devastator stands for brutal, passionate and fast Death Metal with merciless and massive energetic live performances. In the band-history, Devastator was support act for bands like Belphegor, Pungent Stench, Krisiun, Defeated Sanity, Vader, Entombed and played festivals like Barther Metal Open Air 2010, Blackway Open Air 2010, Eisenwahn 2012, Heavy Veddel Open Air 2013, Apes Enraged Open Air 2013, United Forces Festival 2013 and Death Feast 2014. Devastator played diverse club shows in Germany and also participated on the theater play „Der Endgegner“ in 2014 with three dates at the HfBK in Hamburg, Germany



Vocals - Lenny
Drums - Eggi
Guitar - Wolf
Guitar - Carsten
Bass - Nick